Sunday, April 3, 2011

German-Canadian Seminar - a quick summary!

The German-Canadian Seminar... a week that flew by! Great people and intense atmosphere. Thank you for being here... get back home safely. One of the first seminars ever that very deliberatley chose not to be published online - I guess that can also be a result of an in-depths view on social media and political participation. I have promised to burn DVDs containing the movies and motion footage of the week... I will do so (send me a reminder if you don't have them in two weeks time)!

Also I have been asked frequently, how to get back to the Prezi Presentations that were made via our house account. All of the German-Candian prezis I have put on "public & allow to copy", that way you can access them by clicking on the following prezi topics (Some of these Prezis reflect and document6 the "Culture Contrast" Approach and are therefore not flawless (and were never supposed to be perfect), since they were created to trigger discussion among the nations.
 Genetic Engineering, German political system, poltical system Canada, Social Media, Thoughts on the exchange program (participant interviews).
Amazing results! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Visual Impressions!

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