Thursday, March 31, 2011

Social Media (written by Amy, Samira and Diana)

This Blogpost was part of one of our workshopsessions during the German-Canadian seminar. It served as basis for a whole presentation on that issue. So this post is well reflecting the contents of that presentation - in a nutshell! Thanks for working hard on that.

Social Media
So we all know what social media is right? Incase the odd one doesn’t, social media is basically media for social interaction; to turn communication into interactive dialogue.
Just by typing in a school name, I can find out where you go, who you’re friends with, and what you look like. Social media used to be new. Surprising right? For example, facebook first began in 2004. Twitter started two years later in 2006. More than five hundred million are active users of facebook. These days, plenty of celebrities have joined twitter as well as their fans, therefore promoting the social network.
Social media is also used for bringing information to the public and or community. In Lybia all demonstrations were filmed and put on social networking sights, showing the audience what’s going on across the world: Check out visibletweets for an example.
Celebrities like Miley Cyrus use social media for charity. Miley created a website called “get ur good on”, which brings a lot of attention to events such as youth service day, and being a good volunteer and helper. Things such as websites, youtube videos, and even tweets can help spread the news about any topic or discussion going on in the world. Everyone these days have either facebook or twitter, I don’t know many who people who still use MSN because of these newly found exciting sites.

·  Communication
·  Keeping in touch
·  Check out photos
·  Everyone in some way or another is using it
·  Worldly news
·  Interacting with “long lost” family
·  Allows you to phone others in a way, without paying a huge phone bill. You don’t need to pay for a phone plan considering you can just text with having a similar meaning.
·  You can do homework per say over the internet while using facebook, without actually having to be with them.

·     Creepers
·     Access to private information
·      Sexts
·      Dangerous
·      Cyber bullying
·       Loosing personal skills
·       Stalkers
·       Too young
·        Nine year olds have cell phones

By Samira&Amy&Diana :)

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