Thursday, December 1, 2011

Early GPS-Christmas for think europe!

Christmas has already started for "think europe". The Ministry of Education, Science, Training and Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate sponsored us with 20 brand new eTrex 10 GPS units. Thank you so much! This is going to rock education in even more ways!
We are planning to include them as soon as possible. We are right now developing new qraching, deaddrop and educaching routes with different gadgets and creative tasks. A week from now the German-Netherland seminar will profit from that already - at least that is the plan in case we have the weather on our side. If you guys have any more additional ideas of how we can put these babys to work - tell us. We are happy and grateful for every idea.
Also: These GPS units are available for other organisations to borrow them. So if you are interested just talk to us and we'll mail as many as you need (provided you do not need more than 20 ;-))

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