Tuesday, October 25, 2011

European Youth gathering #europeanvoid - A day without Europe

Right now almost 60 young Europeans from seven countries (Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Spain and Germany) are realizing a European youth gathering at the Europe House Marienberg. The main topic is "European void - A day without Europe".

The participants do a lot of intercultural learning and tackle the European Union. They ask (via theatre plays) what reality would be without the EU. Thus discussing the benefits and advantages as well as disadvantages of our Europe. They also question local citizens of Bad Marienberg about Europe to get an impression what they think and what is problematic for them. In the next days the ywill meet officials from the European Commission, wtach the House of History and have teh kick-off to the great European workshops.

You can follow, alsmost live, what is happening at this gathering via http://europeanvoid.wordpress.com
You can also follow the hashtag #europeanvoid on Twitter to stay informed.

All reslults, impressions, photos, videaos and even the daily evaluation are available online. Feel free to join the discussion and comment on the blog or specific posts.

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