Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Collaborative Feedbacking (Etherpad Session) with Justyna, Philina and Zuzanna from Poland

The following text might be a little confusing... still, it is a good start and a fun dialogue to read. Thus, we have created an absurd text that is absolutley sound and coherent without being chronological. A new text genre has been born For those of you who like to follow the "birth" of the text: Click here (after you have been directed to the pad "click" on "Time Slider" and you will be provided with a real time revision of the text genesis).

Welcome to the Europe House collaborative writing session. Featuring Zuzanna, Philina and Justyna:

Here we go.

So what was your day like so far?

For now, this day was the awesomest of them all!
Why what was special about the day?
Everything, the best part of it was spending time with my cool european friends.
What's the matter with you Zuzanna... Are you feeling well?
Do you think your projects will turn out good?

Well, I think yes, because we all have lots of new ideas every single minutes sooo, yes, they all will definately turn out good!
And by the way: How is the atmosphere in the seminar
people are very nice and friendly. everybody feels great and have fun with each other. And of course, our presentations are very nice and helpful.
atmosphere is amazing! people here are very comunicative and friendly (AND THEY LOVE POLISH TABAKA! ). You can easy make friends :) What is Tanbas Tabaka / Oh now, I get it... Tabaccoo? Yep, somethins like that. And Bad Marienberg is also cool because we can buy it here! Nice... so you got forbidden things on your trip through the beautiful Westerwald... Is that good news? yes, this is really good news :)
Would you say that you have learned something so far? And if so... what have you learned?
Of course,I have learnt some german words , for example names of countries, food and I have learnet more about EU (Like what? Tell me some of these words)
Yes, I've learnt lots of new thins about EU, how is it working and who is working there.
You don not have to say this, if it is not true - we are ready to take the blame and carry the guilt ;-)
well, I'm not into political stuff but really, now I know how is it like even, if it was soooo boring. But we did it with people from different countries so I liked it (So if you can share boring stuff it turns out to be less boring?. yes, because if I do boring things with not boring people it all is the coolest for me! So that means that we have to find some less boring politicians to have more fun with politics and ´become interested in issues
I think that yesterday was the most boring day (Boring aha!), because we were doing projects for the long time and we didn't even check it. Yes, we did. I remember it.. Me tooo! We checked in the big group - maybe you were asleep ;-)! Karsten did that "Schaubild" as a reference for our results! (Working on the EU?) Where is Philina by the way? Here!
So let me ask you another question: Where would you like to go: Cologne or Düsseldorf?
I have never been in Cologne or Düsseldorf, so I don't know, but no matter where we'II go, it will be fun.
COLOGNE! I love that place, the Kölner Dom, and the shopping street ald the chocolate museum! this city reminds me every time I'm there that Germany is very very very beautiful country! :D (It looks a lot like Poland...???) Cologne? Well, I don't think so, maybe a little bit like a Cracow, but Cologne is Cologne and Cracow is Cracow and no one is gonna change it! Very wise words!:)
I don't know.. Can we go to both?(to where?) I don't think we have time to see both cities... so it's either... or!
Ok. So.. if Justina wants to go to Cologne (She likes Cologne though!) I think we can go there! ;)(then we have to take her?)Yesss ;P
So, you were guinea pigs in this writing session... how did you like this way of collaborative writing? TELL ME!
I like ike it a lot! It's always something different than normal writting on computer :)
I think it's good way of comunication.. but everybody see your mistake ( we don't care about our mistakes :D) / No we don't! It is not about being perfect it is about working and writing together! GENAU! :)
So thanks for sharing! Let's go and see what the polish group has provided!
It will be the best lesson!

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