Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Young online-editors seminar starts today

From March 9th - 11th young editors gather here at the Europe House to think about obsessions and addiction. 60 kids from all over Rhineland-Platinate around the ages 9-12 will attend the seminar and come up with - most certainly - creative and in-depths ideas on the topic. The children come from different schools (Primary and Special) The seminar will be supported by experts from many fields (e.g. a journalist from Frankfurt, an addiction counsellor, teachers from special schools).
By the end of the week we will have produced another great online-newspaper, which we are going to publish and make available for you. That way you can check out what we are up to over the next few days. We will also put pictures online... that way you will be fed constant "live" impressions from the seminar room and the surroundings.Interviews and video footage will surely follow! Stay tuned... for more.

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