Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thinkeurope TOP slideshares of our Seminars

On the bottom of our thinkeurope Blog you will permanently find the latest and best presentations produced in our seminars. Students from all over Europe come here to work on topics and issues of their interest - some of them produce podcasts, plays, movies etc. Some also choose a rather classic method to pass on and elicit information: Prezi, PPT and slideshare presentations. In the next few moths we will start publishing some of these presentations on our blog (via slideshare all the other presentations will be vsisble as well).

Greater contents waits for you on slideshare. Some of our seminar presentations deal with European issues entirely  - explaining European history and institutions - others will deal with cultural topics (ranging from music, to social media projects, copyright issues, hacking, etc.)

Apart from the few examples on the bottom of our blog we will update this blog with new presentations on a regular basis - that way you will stay informed about progress and quality that is inherent to Europe and its citizens!

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