Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"EU diplomacy on Egypt: Business as usual"

This article I found on Kosmopolito's Blog just a few minutes ago. It contains intersting details on European diplomacy efforts in Egypt... nice insights and arguments supported and confirmed by Official European documents.

[...] As the story in Egypt unfolds it is interesting (and depressing as usual) to watch EU diplomacy in practice. Especially with all the talk about the “one voice in the world” and the reforms of the Lisbon Treaty (EEAS etc.).  Well, “quiet diplomacy” in action, I suppose!
So, what happened in the EU institutions so far? High Rep Catherine Ashton gave a statement on Egypt on Thursday (pdf) and on Friday evening (pdf). On Saturday European Council President Van Rompuy also issued a statement (pdf). All statements seemed very moderate and basically called all parties to refrain from violence.  However almost none of this made it into the mainstream media. Having watched the excellent Al Jazeera live stream during the last days I think it is safe to say to most people following the event did not heard of these statements...

Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/ifWxk2

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