Thursday, December 2, 2010

Youth Committee Meeting in Metz 2010

The European Voluntary Service (EVS), an EU scheme enabling young people to do voluntary service abroad, is the EU's chief form of support for volunteering. It has reached its tenth birthday and the European Commission and others see this as a cause for celebration.

The EUNET Youth Committee has dedicated its last meeting in Metz to bringing this issue (and other chances to go abroad) to students of the Supélec in Metz (Grandes Ecoles). An Ivy League university for the field of economics and engineering in France.
Our Team consisted of 5 member institutions of the EUNET organisation. Students were quite reserved at the beginning of our lecture / Workshops, but thawed when it became clear that all "The-EU-sends-you-abroad-programmes" are offering a wide range of possibilities.check this presentation for further information

Looking back at our meeting Metz, which was also dedicated to come up with new and inventive projects for 2011 (a task fulfilled!), we must admit - it was a fun and productive time... stuffed with great food and some french sightseeing (Centre Pompidou). After two hard days of work our hosts (Michael Stange and Richard Stock from CERS) even made us try mussle - a more than doubtful pleasure.

To stay informed about the latest developments in our houses and within the EUNET organization you can follow the Youth Committee on Twitter.If you have any questions concerning EVS or other European programmes contact us any time - we are glad to help!

The Youth Committee Team: Anselm, Sylvia, Michael, Christian not in this picture but important parts of the team: Claudia and Michael "the Greek"

Christian Höfer, Michael Stange, Sylvia Heinrichs

Tough work

Arrival at the Supélec... oh and here we have Claudia on the far right

Creative Workshop Session

Stunned and thrilled students
Stunned and thrilled students 2

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