Tuesday, November 30, 2010

European Year of Volunteering

Every year is dedicated to a special topic in the EU. Next year we will have the European Year of Volunteering in the European Union. It is a great opportunity to show all the work done on voluntary basis and to promote the non-profit sector European wide. We learned from our Network of Europe House that there will be an officail start incl. the launch of the website of this European year on December 2nd 2010 in Brussels.

Beside the official material for the European year there is already a website online called "EYV 2011 Alliance". The website is a plattform of various networks throughout Europe connetcted to the field of voluntary work. It's a very good source to start into the topic and read about it. You can find the Alliance website here http://www.eyv2011.eu/


More ressources from the EYV 2011 - let's us know and we will promote it via "thinkeurope"!

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